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A honeymoon in Iceland

by Sim Tong

It took us a long time before my wife See Ming and I could decide on a place to go for our honeymoon. At one point, we actually sat down and surfed the Internet together, looking for cheap flights to holiday destinations. One link led to another until we saw an interesting page for a Viking festival in Iceland. We couldn't find out much about the festival, but the more we read about Iceland, the more we liked it. We finally decided we'd spend two weeks driving around Iceland and it turned out to be quite a journey...

Day 1: Reykjavik

Day 2: Towards Snaefellsbaer

Day 3: Towards Grundarfjordur

Day 4: Towards Isafjordur

Day 5: Towards Holmavik

Day 6: Towards Akureyri

Day 7: Towards Reykjahlid

Day 8: Towards Egilsstadir

Day 9: Towards Hofn

Day 10: Joklasel

Day 11: Jokulsarlon

Day 12: Svinafellsjokull and Jokulsarlon

Day 13: Hjorleifshofdi and Reynisfjara

Day 14,15,16: End of the trip